Nepalhuamnrights.org is a website dedicated to human rights related events, news and issues. This is part of a campaign against exclusion, impunity, denial of economic, social and cultural rights and bad governance which are key human rights challenges in the country.

The website is operated by a group of young human rights journalists and activists as a tool for making the public aware of human rights issues so that public opinion can be built to protect and promote human rights and ensure justice to the victims whose human rights have been violated. 

There are hundreds of human rights activists and organizations working across the country. They have played positive role to protect and promote human rights. However, they are yet to come together and stand together for the human rights advocacy: Most of the human rights activists who champion the special cause of women, Dalit, Madhesi and marginalized communities are mainly from the same communities. Human rights activists from other communities hardly raise the issue of minority communities. Apart from this, there is a lack of integrated approach in the work of the human rights activists in Nepal. One human rights organization does not know clearly what another human rights organization is doing unless both are collaborating with each other. Hence, we try to bridge this gap by providing information about all the major human rights organizations’ works in the country, besides providing daily and weekly updates on the issues of human rights.