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[FULL TEXT] Writ petition filed against PSC’s new standards


A writ petition has been filed at the Supreme Court against the Public Service Commission’s standards that bar COVID-19 patients from appearing in its exams.

The petitioners sought the repeal of the PSC’s standards and urged the court to safely conduct PSC examination so that asymptomatic COVID-patients could sit for exams in separate examination halls.

The petitioners – Advocate Shailendra Prasad Ambedkar (Harijan) and Praveen Kumar Yadav – argued:

The PSC’s decision to prohibit COVID patients from appearing in PSC exams would deprive citizens of their right to equality and right to employment guaranteed by the constitution. If COVID patients were not allowed to sit for PSC exams, then those that would cross the age bar would never be able to sit for PSC exams.

Read the writ petition below.



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