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TRC talks of oversight mechanism

In a bid to ensure victims’ participation in the transitional justice process, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) has discussed with conflict victims about setting up an oversight mechanism to avoid possible interferences from power centres.

The commission on Sunday consulted with representatives of the Conflict Victims Common Platform on such mechanism in all 75 districts to keep tab on the progress regarding collection of complaints from the victims.

The conflict victims have agreed to send their suggestions to the TRC after rounds of discussion on the matter within the platform. “The commission wanted our involvement in oversight mechanism, which is a welcome move,” said Suman Adhikari, platform chairperson.

“But we have a condition that the commission give us a clear roadmap on addressing our concerns.”

The platform has adopted what they call a “critical engagement” approach when a group of rights defenders urged the victims to boycott the commission.

The victims have been supporting the commission, even though the latter did not involve them in formulating regulation, work plan and other activities. The Supreme Court had issued a verdict to make the process victim-centric.

The TRC has proposed committees of victims community, civil society members and rights defenders, who will draft framework for the proposed oversight as well as term of reference for its members. The committees will submit their separate reports to the commission to compile and finalise the framework.

“The commission has also asked us to be in the oversight bodies at district level, which will be discussed later internally,” said Adhikari.

The TRC has decided to collect complaints from conflict victims through Local Peace Committee (LPC) at the districts. As the LPCs are an all party mechanism, the TRC has thought of an oversight body to oversee the committee and assist conflict victims to register their complaints.


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