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Conflict victims critical about TJ bodies

The Conflict Victims Common Platform has expressed disappointment over dismal performance of the transitional justice bodies.

The alliance of 13 victims’ organisations, representing both warring sides, have issued a six-page note, reviewing interim reports of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and the Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons (CIEDP) submitted to the government two weeks ago.

“The one year activities of the commissions created no ground to win the confidence of the victims,” the report said, adding the hope, which was rekindled by the formation of the commissions, is “diminishing due to indifference shown by the commissions towards the victims’ community”.

The failure of the commissions to provide way forward and plans to address the concerns of the victims are the most worrying things, the platform said.

The commissions have not been able to amend the Transitional Justice Act in over two year, while the regulations for them were held by the government for over six months.

The review note has expressed concerns over the activities of “some commissioners” during the interaction with the victims during their visits to district.

“The transitional justice is founded on trust and ownership of the victims,” it said.

The victims have raised the issue of infrastructure and legal framework as major challenges till date. The government has also not provided the budget and employees required for the commissions to function smoothly even after a year.


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